CQC is recruiting more public to help inspect GPs

CQC is recruiting more public to help inspect GPs

Currently 475 members of the public take part in CQC inspections every month through its Experts by Experience Programme  (ExE). The scheme involves people with direct experiences of the services that the CQC regulates (or their carers), helping inspection teams to assess and rate the quality of care provided by GP practices, hospitals, care homes and other types of services, partly through talking to those using the service. They also co-produce aspects of the CQC’s strategy, policy and methods, support the recruitment and training of inspections, and participate in other decisions about our work. The regulator said that involving people in this way helped it make better inspection judgements and produce better reports.

The CQC said yesterday that, from November, it is expanding the ExE programme with a ‘significant’ rise in the number members of the public involved. It is seeking to procure new contracts worth about £7m a year – its largest procurement to date. The contracts will be split into four regional lots to allow bidding by small and large organisations working in consortia. Contractors will have to show that they are able to: recruit, train, support and manage the performance of people who meet each of the Experts by Experience ‘profiles’ the CQC requires; supply enough people of the right profile and on time; and meet the CQC’s requirements on resource mobilisation and deployment.

The CQC’s director of engagement, Chris Day, said “We are committed to involving more members of the public in our inspections, it is one of the most important things that we do. It means that we make better inspection judgements and ratings and that we publish better inspection reports. These are rightly high value contracts and it’s vital that they are awarded to the organisations that can best support our inspection teams, and that small organisations have an opportunity to work together with larger ones to do this. This is one of the most important contracts CQC will procure and we want to get it right.”

Some of the profiles of people that the CQC wants contractors to recruit to take part in ExE include:

- people in the early stages of dementia and their family carers

- older people with experience of using health and/or social care services, or their family carers

- people who have used mental health services, including those who have recently been or are currently detained under the Mental Health Act

- people who have used substance misuse services

- people with learning disabilities

- family carers of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, complex needs, and/or behaviour that can be described as challenging.

- people with physical and/or sensory impairments

- family carers of children and young people who use care services, including mental health services

- children & young people who use services

- people who have recently used maternity services.

By Louise Prime,

OnMedica Thursday 14 May 2015

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