Diabetes uses 10% of NHS drugs bill

Diabetes uses 10% of NHS drugs bill



The Health and Social Care Information Centre report shows £869m was spent on drugs for the disease last year.


It marks a sharp rise from the £514m being spent on the drugs a decade ago, when they accounted for just 6.6% of the prescriptions budget.


The figures include drugs for both type-1 and type-2 diabetes, which affect 2.8 million people in England.


It includes insulin, metformin and other anti-diabetic drugs.


Ian Bullard, who wrote the report, said: "It shows that 10p in the pound of the primary care prescribing bill in England is being spent on managing diabetes.


"Diabetes continues to be one of the most prevalent long-term conditions, and the number of patients being diagnosed with the condition is increasing each year."


By BBC News


BBC News, 12 August 2015


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