Musgrove Park Hospital A&E doctor shortage - CQC reports

Musgrove Park Hospital A&E doctor shortage - CQC reports

Although Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors found areas which could be improved the hospital was "safe" and patients were happy with their care.


But inspectors were told that at busy times older people and people with dementia may not receive all the care and emotional support they need. The inspection took place in September. Officials also also visited out of hours and at the weekend, and inspected the pharmacy.


'More emergencies'


The report noted that in some departments do not attempt resuscitation forms were not always fully completed which could lead to a risk of inappropriate decisions on treatment being taken.


It also highlighted:

-There were still not enough senior doctors present at night and weekends in the A&E, medical care and surgical departments - affecting the quality of medical decisions and patient handovers

-Due to an increasing number of medical emergencies, people were not always transferred to the appropriate specialist ward and may not have been seen by a specialist

-Some patients in surgery did wait for a senior surgical opinion

-No signs or patient information for people for whom English is not their first language

-Musgrove Park chief executive, Jo Cubbon, said: "We will be taking a closer look at these comments so we can understand more about the changes that need to take place."

BBC News, 21st November, 2013

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