Marketing services

Marketing Services

Over the years Healthcare PCT has developed an extensive client database consisting of over 15,000 GPs, Consultants, Practice Managers, Nurses and Trainees from the United Kingdom. This has been achieved by building relationships through our high class conferencing and training programmes, developing the appropriate links and networks, and implementing a number of marketing tools to maximise the effectiveness and impact of an advertising campaign.

Newsletter Campaigns

E-marketing and E-mail campaigns have been proven to be ever more important for exposure of companies and the wide outreach they can have to their desired target market. At Healthcare PCT we currently run an e-mail campaign for our clients with a circulation of 15,000, proving to be our most effective form of advertising.
Our newsletter campaigns have been extremely successful in the past with our eye-catching designs and interactive marketing elements incorporated. They are highly engaging and give our clients the opportunity to include links and URLs which would redirect traffic to their own company website.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing proves to be a low-cost and effective marketing technique to allow you to reach your key segment. The key difference between our email and direct marketing campaign is that we are able to target surgeries individually, ensuring the message reaches the intended target market (practice managers, GPs, nurses and students).

Online Advertising

The advantage of online marketing is that it reaches a global audience, increasing your company’s exposure to your target market. In terms of generating and measuring marketing results, we focus on lead generation as opposed to impressions recorded. We believe this is an effective way to demonstrate the success of an online marketing campaign as we can produce evidence of traffic driven on to our clients’ website.