The London Sports Injuries Symposium 2015


We had some amazing feedback in relation to our 8 speakers on the day. Many of the delegates commented on how much they had learned during the event and all were given the opportunity to discuss matters with the speakers before/after their presentations. This was a great form of interaction as it made it possible to ask questions that were more specific and centred around certain professions.


Both workshops very informative and the practical aspect enabled the delegates to actually see what the consultants were doing and get more from them than a descriptive element. Dr Syed Babar, a consultant radiologist performed the ultrasound (machine supplied by Mr Dominic Maguire) and Mr Ziali Sivardeen, a consultant shoulder surgeon performed the joint injections.


With refreshments throughout the day and a main meal at lunch, all of the delegates were very happy with the standard of food supplied. The main meal consisted of slow braised Cornish lamb shoulder or mushroom tortellini with roasted root vegetable salad or artichoke, baby onion, gherkin and black olive salad. Dessert was chocolate truffle torte or apple and cinnamon crumble with vanilla custard.


The entire day was filmed and photographed so that we are able to then reflect back on how successful it was. All material will be uploaded as we wish to enable delegates to experience the event online.